Tattooed Hunk Gets Double Stuffed

My new favorite of Paul, Derek, and Timo have a penchant for basketball. As they watch the game, they noticed that one of the rooster player running around in his underwear. They start talking about how great it is and Timo notes that his own cock gets hard. Derek is in the middle of the other two dicks and starts to capture his friends through their pants. I remember the first time I met Derek that he would try to get two cocks in his ass at the same time. His friends think that they are ready to accept the challenge. He pulls out a member of Timo pants and goes to town sucking. Paul whips him, and Derek goes back to stroke him, all at the same time, far to the slobbering Stiffy Timo. When Derek relies on the other side of the slurp at Paul, Timo takes the opportunity to go after Derek's cock, not before he makes his way through a few sucks dick Paul. Paul continues in some member of Derek and Timo ball licking the sweat from his furry scrotum Derek. Threesome takes him to the bedroom a little more cocksucking before Derek gets on all fours for some pounding.

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