Thick, dark, uncut sausage

Petty Officer Eddie is a tall drink of water out of the Navy of the United States. He lives and works on the vessel as a welder, fixing things as they break down and saving a ship worthy. Sleeping quarters on board can not be much privacy. So, Eddie tried to wait for people to go to ******, before he took care of his personal needs. His dark eyes piercing against his friendly boyish charm. His brilliant white uniform will pull his lean muscles. There is a definite bulge just below the brass belt buckle, which he takes and massage. He unzips and pops thick, dark, uncut sausage, which contrasts sharply with the white uniform. As he pulled the foreskin over the head a few times, the monster starts to grow. Weakening his pants down to his ankles, he shows his thin almost bare legs, which lead to the thickness of his giant cock. As he stroked her, his fingers barely meet, trying to cover girthy purple snake. He strips down to fully show his belly and chest incision. On his knees, his cock sticking straight out of the total, 8 inches thick. Achieving behind, he plays with his hole, located between the perfectly round buttocks. As he lies on his back, his body the time, and he starts to moan. Stroking faster, his massive meat begins to spit white juice of love on rippled abs. Several thick pools shine like stomach heaving with each deep breath orgasmic pleasure.

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