Thomas Swings and Sam Oliver

This is a favorite fantasy of everyone, a couple of topless workers working on your house, working up a sweat and work a lot of sexual energy that they can not control. These young people are exactly that, lovely, smooth and with some amazing dicks they can not get enough! Tom cute face gets his cock all worshiped blonde Sam, who do not seem to like nothing more than hard cock in her mouth! Moving to fuck his young assistant to the stairs, they are ideally located for a very acrobatic fuck, riding on his haunches both of them, Sam is able to get free access to his comrades bore, and uses this fact to the dam horny way! Sliding in and out, Tom was not able to stop him, but who would like to see this angle is the best for everyone and allows us to see exactly how long a member of Sam when he disappears inside Tom, only to reappear again and again as they both to fuck each other's brains out! Showing his gratitude, then Tom squirts a heavy load of sperm on sexual Sam's face, leaving Tom, Sam covered in juice, hot bottom covered in cum ... fine!

Added: 2013-06-22 | Duration: 2:04 | Tags: labourers construction fucking

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