Three way sandwich

Dayton O'Connor entertaining two new boys in my living room today. He comes up with a game of strip poker that moves a little faster. When the boys draw cards, they rip off item after item to Adrian completely naked and his big uncut miss out for all to admire. Colton pulls off his underwear next, the identification of the same length and Schlong. Dayton can not resist the temptation of a giant dick in his face, and he reaches out and starts to drool at the Colton handle. Adrian joins in on the fun by pulling the pants off of Dayton and suck his dick. Three mouths and cocks swap a few times before Adrian decides to go for a walk on Stiffy Dayton. As his ass penetrated, he leans forward and swallows Colton thick dong to the end. Adrian greedy holes are filled to capacity. Dick sliding Dayton, Adrian gets on all fours so Colton can mount it behind. Dayton sidles up behind him to make Colton sandwich. When Colton hole plowed good that he is willing to come and Adrian shoves back. Colton spewing rivers of sperm into his open mouth. After a few seconds of your burden falls Dayton Children test out the face, followed immediately by a cock Adriana explodes with a sperm.

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