Tommy Lima In Brazil - Antonio Bello and Tommy Lima

Note to self: If you're in the airport and you see a guy with a sign that said Tommy Lima, â???? follow him! When Antonio Bello picks Tommy from the airport, you know that wonâ?? T be long before the fun begins. What are you sweetheart? T expect a huge dick that rises from Antonioâ?? With shortstop. Alexander proves his filming prowess once again with a great series of shots during this back seat blowjob including one with a little less Antonioâ? ™ low-hangers. Seeing the truck to pass other vehicles on the road while having a snack Tommy Antonioâ?? S pig makes it even hotter. Under no circumstances should someone didnâ?? I see Tommy swallowing that monster cock. When the guys get to the hotel, you will be impressed that Antonio got all that meat back into his pants. Once they get to the room, though, it doesnâ?? T stay there long. Tommy shows his abilities as a bottom and accepts that means all the way to the short and curly brackets. Antonio throws him a hell of a lot of all kinds of angles. After they blow their loads two studs out on the balcony for a little chat naked in the sun. Another note to self: when walking on Brazilian beaches near the hotel, look up.

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