Troy Sluder

Meet the 18-year-old Troy Sluder who tells us that he likes long walks on the beach, if anybodies interested. After his senior year, he hopes to take the trip, but at the same time it communicates with the drama club at school. When asked about why he wanted to get into doing porn videos, he says, "for the experience." He realized that he liked boys around 13 or 14. His first experience with another boy was a classmate of his drama class. It all started with a kiss and one thing led to another and went all the way to the "home run" :) Troy admits he was nervous, but our operator keeps his talk and make him more relaxed and then it slip out of his pants. Then he tells us that he has a thing for Latin boys and get the video going to get it warmed up to the idea of taking off underwear. As he slips out of his underwear, he was rock hard and I can not help smiling at the camera. Those blue eyes and a smile is a sure winner with that cute little ass. Cum along and join us as we watch Troy jerked off for the first time on camera. Download the full video here!

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