Try, Try Again

Enrique Thugged-all this time, dressed in hip-hop ice I gave him for Christmas. As always, he was naked, and good for use in an instant, so I chow down on it with my usual gusto. I took out my cock and decided to give it another try:'' Suck it'' I said to him, and this time he gives a valiant effort (as I will bust right there), but he still is not comfortable so I am returning it to service. A friend calls, Enrique says,'' I'm leaving right now. I love you!'' We have 10 minutes to come back to the blowjob! It did not take me long to win a prize, and I take all his load down my throat! '' How was it?'' I asked,'' Well, as always!'' He said. Time to go, do not have to keep waiting a little lady!

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