Tugging on his man-meat

Today in the Frathouse, Japhy Ryder graces the infamous sofa with his mischievously sexy presence. This hot guy is really fascinating with so many tales from traveling around the world, unknown to cruising Quicky blowjob in grocery stores and coffee shops, and collecting outrageously artistic tattoos are some of his favorite books. This lean and olive skin Belgian do like watching him gleefully rubbing his hands on his tight torso, clarify closer and closer to that unmistakably thick rod hardening in his jeans. Japhy talks about how he mostly girls and guys just tend to distract him, but for some reason he is always coming back for more. One member of the audience tells him to take off his shirt, to which he responds quickly, revealing even more hot tattoos. He shows everyone one of New Hampshire, which is his favorite of the bunch right before slipping out of his jeans to give everyone a better view of his swelling chubby flopping around inside of his boxers. Lying on the couch, Japhy pulls his rock hard dick through the leg of his shorts and gives the audience a preview of the fat veiny monster he's going to unleash. All of a sudden Japhy whips it up and the first time we really see that this motherfucker is going to play baseball? seriously it looks like a child's hand holding an apple. He gently squeezes his juicy cock in upward motion eking out precum from his brilliant urine gap. Japhy flirts even more talk about the fact that he never plays with his ass when jerking off, but it can be for someone to fuck his game boy-hole, just as long as there was some drinking involved before. He begins to pull his man-meat faster and says that he can show his ass. Oh, he's such a terrific tease! Finally, he gets on all fours and spreads his incredibly Fuckable ass exposing a perfect hole Virgin with just enough soft dark hair around it by clicking on the rim a little and giving a small smile before turning around to jerk more on that lubed up a piece of hot flesh. The grand finale comes not a moment too soon, with every starry eyed member in the chat just on the edge of blowing their own huge loads; Japhy brings everything together, pumping faster and faster until that giant slick shuttle service does not deliver it in a creamy payload all over his smooth wash-board ABS, and his magnificent balls quiver tightly against his body with such a powerful release. I really hope that we were lucky to see the hole get Japhy's first close encounter in the near future.

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