Two playful attitudes and two huge libidos.

Flirty and foxy fraternity hell today. One from Ohio, one from Los Angeles. Country Mouse and the City Mouse came to a favorite beach in the accident at the site, the house fraternity. These cocky boys have two big dicks, two playful attitudes and two huge libido. Erec has a total thing for white guys and Jason has a total thing for sexy Latinos (especially with Asian flavor.) What a coincidence! These young studs Flex, pose and fool around with each other, busting up laughing at every turn. It all starts innocently enough, with a quick back rub, which leads to butt massage, which leads to an erection with a faceful of Jason's ass. This is Jason stirred quickly, his ten inch cock and at attention in no time. Erec has quite an appetite, he can not get enough butt sex bubbble author's brother. Slurping and sucking happily away until it's time to get your fingers disappear. After all the fun and foreplay, Jason gets serious. Serious about some fucking! His monster cock has an appetite all its own, and it is hungy for some hot hole. He takes his gun at the base and it has a wrinkle in Erec. He slides it in long and strong leaving Erec seeing stars. Erec breathes deep, handles the bed, and takes it like a champ. He gets pounded within an inch of his life and has a huge boner to show it all the time. Jason flips Erec onto his back to get a better look at the caramel colored beauty. This is too much for Erec. The more he fucked, closer to the edge, he becomes. He can not hold out for more, Jason needs to blow it up ... and what it does. Thick, creamy, pearly white beads come tumbling out of his mushroom tip all over his smooth tan tummy. Jason gets a little more comfortable on the back with a few fingers inside her hairy Erec corridor. It erupts like a volcano, shooting two feet into the air, leaving pools of cum all over the bed itself, and one very happy Erec.

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