Uniforms - Alfonso, Israel and Tommy Lima

While Paul and Leandro received through their lunch break, Manuel, German and Isidro were getting themselves even more turned on. As if they werenâ?? T already hot enough, the next thing to find two guards, Tommy Lima and Alfonso Rosas, looking for their own little escape from the long day. Standing and rubbing their dicks, their intentions clear as they pull Israel Amezquita from his work with a partner and behind the building. When they deprive Israel of his orange jumpsuit, the body that they are neither more nor less than incredible. Packed with big muscles and erection, this guy is pumped to fuck to make its way onto this work camp. Tommyâ?? S right of a member of his uniform and he and Alfonso both give Israelâ?? With a muscular body to a good rubdown before they really get down to business. Youâ?? D I think that a couple of big, Studly prison guards would be ready to beat some ass convict, but these guys like to give up his hole Israelâ? ™ s fat member. First Tommy lies on his back and then Alfonso. After heâ?? S had his hole pounded, though, Alfonso joins the list of many who have used the fuckhole Tommy Lima stroking their cocks. Israel dumps on the ground watching him watching. Alfonso dumps a big load on Tommyâ?? S back, who followed with his nut. These fuckers hot and sweaty and will definitely get your sack pulled up tight while watching

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