Videoboys Cum Shot Contest 2013

Summer is in the air, and that means it's time for the annual competition Cum Videoboys. We are always looking for the hottest guys with the most powerful cum blast, but the lineup this year, maybe the hottest competitors we have each collected. Luda Wayne: Luda is a veteran of the competition, having won back in 2011. And to show us that he's still got it in his recent solo dildo on Videoboys he shot blast that hit him on the chin. There will not be any dildo to help him, but this time he has a strategy that swears helps him away: He's not a diploma within three days before the competition. Simon Archer: This hot tattooed Squirtz video str8 boy in April, really impressed us. Not only is his cum shot fly over the left shoulder, but the shear volume of semen that he pumped really made us believe that there is something special brewing down in his nuts. And boy cocky about it, too. Just to prove that he had no doubt that he will be able to defeat the other two boys (and prove to everyone that he is 100% str8) Simon fucked his GF in the morning of the competition. He's very confident. Seth Corrigan: Seth is the gay world in solving this problem, and it has some nice features that may give him an advantage. First, Set up as his opponents and, second, his cock is a good couple of inches longer than both of these str8 boys. Of course, we all know that it is irrelevant to their ability to cum far, but these kinds of things that can scare str8 boys when they see him in a gay boy. But the proof of the power of the diploma Seth was revealed to us in his duet with Jason Martin, when he gave Jason 3 explosion face from about 3 meters. As Luda, Seth was not a diploma for 3 days prior to the competition. Place your bets and watch the cum fly.

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