Welcome to OZ

Welcome to the land of Oz, our boy has a lot to offer, and he is so willing to share. SDBoy.com movies while Oz calls for another little "motivation." As our piece of muscle revs up, his cock hardens and his precum flows. Once it is properly inspired, we chat while he continues to play. As he describes his work as "working nine hours a day, five days a week," it sounds like the performance of his real passion. Oz 'first experience was with a man, and now that he's married, he likes "a finger or two in my ass right before I cum." Turned over to show us his ass, Oz has an excellent body and a hole that screams "Enter" . flipping back over, he concentrates on what makes him happy, as we get to watch the sweet rewards of their "easy work." Oz then treats us to a soul and a body that is perfect in every way. Thanks Oz, I for one am glad that you are not in Kansas anymore. Download the full video here!

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