Wild weekend at Tony's compound

Well, it was a wild, wild weekend in conjunction Tony. Pride, which can lead to all sorts of amazing things. Especially if you have a stable spines stay with you. Unfortunately, all that naughty fun can take its toll in more ways than one. In addition to the pain of hangover and some fools, my home suffered some scuffs and nicks as well. Timo is a friendly guy and a staple in my harem. He enlists the help of Thomas Jordan to try to accomplish what all the demons will remain in my bathroom, my poor clogged sink. Jordan is a good little helper, and I do not even know what tools Timo could use for work. A few minutes pass and while Timo is trying to focus on the pipes, Jordan began to think of another tool that needs attention as well. Easily distracted, Timo drops a wrench and starts to work on a hard moment Jordan term. Boys steam up bathroom with hot BJ action and move their gay ass on the couch. Jordan unhinges his jaw and attract long term Timo at the back of the throat. Ready for some more dirty weekend action, Timo back Jordan around and slides her pink rod fucked in tight ass tanned Jordan. Cute, tanned moment Timo takes every inch and begging for more. Timo flips Jordan on his back, so he could get even further in their warm wince. When Timo after manhandling her boy-toy, he pulls out and drops a load of fluorescent eager mouth of Jordan. Just when you thought Jordan, pearly whites could not get bright, they did. Nice work Timo, you are really comfortable the person who gets the job!

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