Working Stiffs: Scene 2

As they finish cleaning the room they repair, Jimmy Durano can not keep an eye on ass Justin Beal. They kiss, Justin dropped to his knees and releasing the big bulge of Jimmy bandage opening wide to take a thick, uncut beauty in the mouth. Jimmy gets on his knees to kiss the bulge in the pants Justin ready to burst, the head of his cock peeking out of the bottom. He appears in the person of Jimmy, studs rather breath as he sucks. Jimmy spits on his ass and eats Justin battered face as soon hunk shows off her slip-rock that remains much as it sits on the bar Jimmy. Solid bar at the bottom desperately swinging around in a hot sequence as he rides like a pro, Jimmy fun looking at the back in awe at the skill's bottom. Jimmy then pumps it from below, soon fucked from behind. Finally on the back, Justin produces a monster load as it gets reamed-friction and pressure on its smooth Directors.

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