Ximen'S Dick

Sasha Hog and Ximen Sanchez leave the mall to go home and play. Their session starts with a kiss, and when they get undressed, licking and stroking each other every time a new body part gets exposed. Then, when a member of Ximen, finally coming out of his shorts, Sasha dives for it before Ximen pants are completely eliminated. Talk about hot for each other - these two can not even stay long enough to get all the way naked. They finally take all their clothes off, and Ximen goes down on Sasha (whose ABS, again, perfect). Sasha fucks Ximen, grinding into Ximen furry ass in the energy back, and sidesaddle position. Ximen shoots while Sasha fucking him scissor-style, large viscous wad that drenches his pubes, and then Sasha pulls out and creams all Dick's Ximen, torso and abdomen, in a huge explosion of a diploma, the most impressive of the entire production.

Added: 2013-08-15 | Duration: 5:01 | Tags: studs jocks fucking

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